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If you are looking for VoIP products then start here. We provide the most comprehensive range of voice communications for all broadband wireline and wireless networks.

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Qutex Gateways:

Note: This product is upgradeable to a fully functional multiSWITCH softswitch

multiACCESS Media Gateways (Rack mountable (7U)

multi-Access gateway:

multi-Access gateway

multiACCESS-VoIP GSM VoIP gateway

VoIP to GSM gateway is an ideal solution for VoIP termination. It is a simplified solution for VoIP operators and provides extra potential revenue generation

MultiACCESS gateways with CDMA E1/VoIP to CDMA gateway - for those organisations with a need to link to a CDMA network

EoneS Wireline Media Gateway Large scale VoIP gateway rack mountable unit (7U).

The EoneS gateway has the following configuration:

  • Up to 5 VoIP card ( 60 voice channels per VoIP card )
  • Up to 6 E1 card ( 2 E1 trunks per card, 60 voice channels )
  • SS7, ISDN, R2, R1.5, VoIP ( H323 and SIP ) - signalling protocols supported
  • Fully redundant main boards

Note: This product is upgradeable to a fully functional multiSWITCH softswitch

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Multi-purpose switches

multiSWITCH (mX) softSwitch Fully functional carrier class 4 communications solution: rack mountable ( 2U & 7U)

multiSWITCH class 4 provides call -control intelligence for establishing, maintaining, routing and terminating voice calls. The multiSWITCH unit serves as an interface for enhanced service and application platforms. multiSWITCH: SIP & H323 softswitch

  • Support for all TDM signaling protocols SS7, ISDN, R2 CAS
  • Simultaneous any-to-any SIP, H323, SS7, ISDN, R2 CAS calls
  • Interoperability tested on the market for over 3 years
  • Built-in transcoding (G711, G723.1, G726, G729) and RTP/RTCP proxy

SIM SERVICES ('SIM Box' and diagram is 'SIM Server- app-en') The smart highly scalable SIM Card Management Centre comprising:

  • SIM Server
  • SIM Box and
  • Gateway

The benefits of a SIM server are

  • Centralized operation of all SIM cards.
  • Flexible allocation of any SIM to any Gateway at any time.

The SIM Server is designed with a compact PCI Back plane with one CPU slot and up to 16 slots for Smartcard board. Hot swapping is supported on the Smartcard boards. This CompactPCI equipment supports up to 16 Smartcard boards, and each board has holders for 32 SIM cards, making a total of 512 SIM cards.

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Non-stop voice and emergency communications

VCSS: Non stop Voice Communications (TDM & IP) for mission critical real time applications including:

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