Topex Bytton family

Double Wireless Router - professional multitasking device that offers one voice line(telephone or exchange) connectivity and internet access for a local computer network(cabled or wireless).

Family Members:

  • Topex Bytton GPRS
  • Topex Bytton EDGE
  • Topex Bytton UMTS
  • Topex Bytton HSDPA
  • Topex Bytton UMTS - TDD
  • Topex Bytton CDMA 1x
  • Topex Bytton EVDO
  • All in one device voice and internet gateway
  • Can be customized for professional applications
  • Proof tested in mission critical environments
  • 100% Plug-and-Play
  • Saves money and confers security


  • Enterprise Wireless VPN for remote Point of Presence:
    • Wireless secure VPN and/or Internet access for temporary /mobile /remote Points of Presence
    • Wireless video surveillance for remote POP
  • Small and Medium sized Companies:
    • Wireless Internet access and Wireless LAN server
    • Voice cost optimizer tool for fixed to mobile calls - Least Cost Routing
    • Automatic back-up for broadband Internet connections
  • Seasonal Point-Of-Presence and one time Events
  • Business SMS automation and convergent messaging
  • Public Place WIFI Hotspot:
    • Prepaid and postpaid wireless Internet access for tourists and clients
    • Perfect for conference halls, Hotels, Coffee-shops and Restaurants
    • Airports, train-stations
    • In-vehicle Internet access: trains, coaches, limos, inner water sailing
  • Wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications



  • Communication cost optimizer - least cost routing:
    • Ensures cost reduction by converting fixed-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls.
    • Wireless Internet access pays off in terms of business opportunities
  • No cables required
  • 3G advantage : Simultaneous voice and data (UMTS and HSDPA versions only) and voice or data for EDGE version:
    • Voice calls can be placed during data sessions
    • No busy tone while browsing Internet
  • Instant public hotspot
  • Provides high overall protection

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