VoIP media gateways perform the conversion between TDM voice to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), ideal for cutting your telephonic bills. The fixed-to-mobile calls are converted into mobile-to-mobile calls with substantially reduced cost. Choose from:

Medium to large media gateways come in a variety of configurations. Rack mountable equipment (3U)

Topex Qutex is a member of Topex Media Gateways family of medium size capacity.

  • The only product in the market that can be interconnect to a very large number of mobile networks (GSM, UMTS, CDMA2000, PTT)
  • Extra revenue generator
  • Gateway upgradeable to softswitch
  • SS7 interconnection solution


  • Fixed mobile convergence
  • Gateway between legacy PSTN infrastructure and VoIP
  • Gateway between Mobile Networks and VoIP
  • Gateway between Radio PTT and VoIP
  • Interconnection gateway between IP telephony and SS7 networks
  • Small capacity softswitch
  • Emergency communication center solution
  • Small and Medium capacity Next Generation Networks
  • Enterprise hybrid telephony solution
  • Signaling convertor for large spectrum of protocols
  • IP telephony for Triple Play Solutions (voice, data and video)


Main Features:

    Depending on your communication needs this equipment can be:

    • VoIP to mobile networks gateway
    • E1 to mobile networks gateway
    • VoIP to E1 gateway
    • Protocol signaling convertor
    • IP PBX when upgraded to softswitch(with a possibility to manage 300 subscribers)
    • SMS gateway
    • Capacity
    • 1 VoIP Card
    • + H323 and SIP - supported
    • + 8-16-30-60 voice channels
    • 2 PRI trunks
    • Up to 10 GSM channels
    • Up to 10 UMTS channels
    • Up to 10 CDMA2000 channels
    • Up to 20 BRI lines
    • Up to 40 FXS/ FXO connections
    • ISDN, SS7, R2, R1.5 - signaling protocols supported


    • Least Cost Routing
    • Multiple voice codecs
    • Wide-range of mobile neworks: GSM, UMTS, CDMA2000, PTT


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