Topex MobiLink:

Fixed mobile terminal that offers connectivity for one voice line (analogue, telephone or exchange) using GSM networks.

  • GSM to voice gateway
  • Least cost routing


  • Fixed line substitution for voice
  • PBX connection for Least Cost Routing
  • Seasonal Point-Of-Presence and one time Events

Main Features:

Topex Mobilink is an analogue interface between one PBX or phone and GSM network converting fixed-mobile and mobile-fixed phone calls to mobile-mobile phone calls.



  • Least Cost Routings: Ideal solution for reduction of costs generated by the use of PSTN lines to connect to GSM network.
  • Fixed calls to own mobile fleet become group calls
  • Using external antenna offers excellent voice signal quality
  • Small investment, fast savings
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Friendly to use, easy maintenance

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